Process Services

The law requires that you use a licensed process server in Arizona for service to be valid.  Before proceeding with a court case, it is crucial to hire a legal Process Server.

All our Process servers are experienced in serving legal documents in a timely and affordable manner and serve them according to the state’s process serving laws.

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  • Proven experience in delivering process services
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Types of Papers we Serve


Service of Order of Protection, Injunction and  Work Place Harassment.

This injunction may be filed by an employer or an authorized agent of an employer for the benefit of the employer or any person who enters the employer’s property or who is performing official work duties of the business against a single act or series of acts of harassment.

This type of service is time-sensitive and must be served personally. These documents can be issued to municipal, judicial and higher courts. The only difference between a protection order and order is that protection orders are issued against family members and relatives and that the rules apply to non-family members. We try this service on the same day at no extra cost, unless you make a special request to do something else. Sometimes service charges apply to your special application.

It is an extremely time-sensitive document that must comply with particular legal requirements in the field of legal procedures. This document is usually issued to the Court of Justice, but if the amount is higher than $ 10,000, it is issued to the Supreme Court. This document has other service methods available.  No extra charges for this type of paper unless you request otherwise. We have the necessary experience to have these documents served. We will review the various ways available to serve you this document.


Small Claims

Even small claims deserve top-notch process service.

Special courts, often very large handle the small claims business, often dealing with problems between landlords and tenants, or other forms of personal claims.

This document is only published at the level of the Court of Justice. The people involved in the case must represent themselves, no lawyer is authorized to appear before the court for small claims.


Summons and Complaint:

This is the most typical type of service. It is usually called a lawsuit. He can be brought to justice and before the highest court. If an applicant wants the sheriff’s office to serve a summons and complaint in civil court, he must call his original office and provide a copy of the summons and the complaint defendant in action. A helper becomes the copy and gives the original summons and complaint and a statement from the applicant.

It is up to the applicant to submit the original and sworn statement to the court administrator.


Divorce Papers:

These documents are issued in the Superior Court only in the country of the place where the party is filing the case. These are services charged emotionally, and we serve them discretely.


Service of the request to be heard:

This document is generally served at the request of a person to whom a protection order has been served. The party fails to agree on the grounds on which the order has been granted and ask the Court to schedule a hearing to tell its version of the story or to change the restrictions imposed on it.


Order to display the cause and order:

These services have specific dates and times that are listed in the document to be displayed by the specified party in court. The OSC does not charge a fine for not appearing, and hearing can still be done without. An appearance is subject to a penalty for failure to appear. These documents MUST ONLY be served to the designated person, and any possible failure of that person to appear may be the subject of a civilian arrest warrant.



Trials, depositions, hearings, medical records. It’s Better with Process Server Mesa AZ !

There are two types of assignments. The witness is asked to appear before the judge and testify. Another request to the witness to make a statement under (deposit). For this type, a notification of submission must be submitted to the summons.



This document asks a witness to provide specific reports or documents and perhaps a testimony usually on a particular date.


Additional procedure:

This is only published after a person has pronounced judgment against them. This procedure is done to obtain assets to attempt to make an assessment. It is a document issued by a judge. This is an order by which a debtor appears before the judge, makes inquiries known and answers questions about his finances and personal effects. The order specifies specifically which financial documents must be submitted to the court. The absence of appearance is subject to a civilian arrest warrant.


Writ of Garnishment:

A seizure order is an order requiring a third party to seize a type of property (usually money) from the defendant (also known as a “garnishee” or “debtor of the judgment”) to surrender to a creditor who has an outstanding debt. Debt.

There are two types of attacks. One is non-income (bank accounts, etc.), The other income (wages). A seizure of the profits requires that a specific set of documents be sent to the debtor.


Letter of application and advice:

The court has not issued these documents. They are and have been served for legal proceedings and must generally be served before any legal action can be taken at the court. This indicates to the counter party that there is a lawsuit going on, but that certain obligations or requirements are not met.

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